(based on Amazon and Goodreads reviews)

5 Stars     L. Martin

“… both lyrical and intensely vivid”.  A “sensitive, eloquent memoir.”

5 Stars     J. Bronder

“For a first book I am in love.”

5 Stars     R. Mullen

“… very meaningful, deep and highly enjoyable … your trip with this man will be exciting, humorous, and insightful.”

5 Stars     Teddy

“A beautiful and moving account of both nature and  self-discovery.”

5 Stars     Amazon customer

“a profound, beautiful and sometimes shocking read.”

5 Stars     J. Wangui

“This is a book unlike the others that challenges me to do something that will leave a mark.”

5 Stars     D. Summers

“The book surprised and intrigued … a fun read that makes you long to explore.”

5 Stars     B. Haak

“A good book. A REALLY good book.”

5 Stars     M. Brigham

“a very exciting read.”